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If you have been seriously injured by the negligent or intentional act of another in Southern California, then it is your right under California law to pursue maximum financial recovery against all liable defendants to make sure that you receive the care and compensation you and your family need. At Johnson Moore in Thousand Oaks, we have built our reputation as champions of personal injury victims by consistently winning massive courtroom victories on behalf of our clients while upholding the professional standards and commitment to compassionate care that we know our clients deserve.

Personal Injury Law

We are not a cookie-cutter, assembly-line personal injury firm where we take on every case we can find and hand it off to an inexperienced junior lawyer to get a quick, lowball settlement that is worth nowhere near the actual value of an injured victim’s damages. Our attorneys are courtroom veterans who fully investigate our cases and leverage our vast trial experience to work with personal injury victims to win maximum compensation.

We have won hundreds of victories on behalf of our clients and have achieved a 90%+ success rate in the cases that we have brought to trial. In recent years we have won numerous multi-million dollar verdicts for our clients, including $14.3 million on behalf of three clients in particular. And while we are dedicated to winning the maximum financial recovery our clients deserve, we are motivated by our commitment to justice and to holding defendants accountable for their actions so we can build a safer and more secure society where everyone’s rights are honored.

How We Help Our Clients

From the moment you begin working with the experienced litigators at Johnson Moore, we will begin investigating the facts of your accident to build your strongest case of proving fault while creating your most compelling arguments for full recovery of all damages, including lifetime medical costs, pain and suffering, lost income, and punitive damages where applicable.

We represent injured victims and their families in the case of wrongful death actions in the following types of personal injury matters:

In many cases, there are multiple parties who may be liable for injuries you have suffered. For example, if you are injured by a driver or other employee who is on the job when the accident occurred, then that individual’s employer may also be liable. Also, if you were the victim of a criminal act that occurred on another person’s property (e.g. the parking lot of a retail store, a sporting arena, a hotel, a landlord-owned building), then the owner may also be liable for failing to provide proper security. Our experienced legal team will take all necessary steps to identify and locate all liable defendants while building your strongest case for recovery.

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At Johnson Moore, we realize that we are members of a community that has rights and obligations to others. We take very seriously our obligations to protect the families and members of our community from wrongdoing of others. We do this through our cases.. To schedule a free, confidential consultation, contact us online or call (805) 988-3661

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