Physical Elder Abuse

Elderly residents in nursing homes and assisted living facilities across Southern California are particularly susceptible to being victims of physical elder abuse, but, in the majority of situations, these acts go unreported and unaddressed. This is due to a number of reasons. Victims are often in denial of their abuse, due in part to the fact that they think no one will believe them, that there is nothing that can be done to stop their abusers from continuing the abuse, or that attempting to take action will make the situation even worse. Which only causes the cycle of physical abuse to continue. Thus, the responsibility for making the effort to notice the signs of physical abuse, stop physical abuse from repeatedly occurring, and work to obtain the financial recovery physical elder abuse victims are owed, often falls to family members of the victims.

Legal help is available in all aspects of fighting back against physical elder abuse in Southern California. At Johnson Moore, we have dedicated much of our practice to standing up for the rights of elder abuse victims, and can work with you and your family through all aspects of a physical elder abuse claim to win justice and financial recovery.


Signs of Physical Elder Abuse

Elderly persons are obviously more prone to physical ailments and injuries than the general population, which is a primary reason why many live in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, and, sadly, many abusers rely on this fact in attempting to cover their acts of physical abuse.

Thus, family members and others should take special care to scrutinize whether an elderly person’s injuries and other physical issues are simply signs of old age and/or stemming from natural causes, or are in fact signs of abuse. In our experience, common signs of physical elder abuse include:

  • Abrasions on skin from ropes, straps, and other restraints
  • Marked increase in sleep, drowsiness, or loss of mental faculties due to overmedication
  • Burns from appliances, hot water, and cigarettes
  • Broken bones, lacerations, and bruises
  • Suspicious and/or illogical explanations by others for injuries

While you are not expected to be a medical investigator, you should feel empowered to ask for sufficient explanations for a family member’s physical injuries and changes in condition. If you are suspicious and/or unsatisfied with the responses, you can contact our office for guidance on the proper steps to take in the situation.

Winning a Physical Elder Abuse Claim

When you work with the elder abuse attorneys at Johnson Moore, we will provide an initial assessment of whether elder abuse may be occurring, and what options you have to take action against abusers and their employers. Should we take on the case, we will conduct a full investigation of the matter, collect all relevant facts in support of an elder abuse action, and pursue all legal remedies in favor of the elder abuse victim.

Our elder abuse attorneys have won millions of dollars on behalf of elder abuse victims in settlements and verdicts over the years, and we know what it takes to win a physical elder abuse claim in California and are committed to winning justice and financial recovery for victims.

As passionate defenders of the elderly, we are not only dedicated to obtaining the maximum compensation owed to victims under California law – including damages for pain and suffering and punitive damages where applicable – but also to doing whatever we can to fight the scourge of physical elder abuse in our society.

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If you have reason to suspect a person in your life is the victim of elder abuse in a nursing home or assisted living facility, we look forward to seeing what we can do to help you fight back on their behalf. Contact a California elder abuse attorney at Johnson Moore today to discuss your options.