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Are you concerned about an elderly loved one?

Do you think he or she is the victim of elder abuse or neglect? Have you complained? Did anyone listen to you? Did you get the response you wanted?  Johnson Moore wants to hear your story.

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Johnson Moore in 2014

Mr. Johnson and Ms. Moore have been collaborating on cases for over a decade. In the past few years, they teamed up on the majority of their cases to serve clients throughout California. They have now made the collaboration permanent by merging their firms into the new law firm Johnson Moore.

Each of them brings unique strengths and perspective to case evaluation and work up, which allows them to achieve even greater success for their clients. And, clients now have the resources of both firms at their disposal. With three attorneys and 4 support staff, the combined offices can handle a wider variety of cases, while still giving each client file the personalized attention it deserves.  We look forward to serving you.

Why Choose Johnson Moore

Elder_Abuse_InvestigationWe are someone who will listen, someone who will help. We are here to support those in need.  Unlike many other attorneys, we are never too busy to speak to a client and to give them the attention they deserve. Our experience as attorneys has made us aware and sensitive to many issues that cause discomfort and restrict the rights of our clients,  their families and many in our communities. 
Moore FamilyWe believe that it is important  to be a part of the community and  to return  the support and success that we have received as a firm from the community we serve. At Johnson Moore we take very seriously our obligation to protect the families and members of our community from wrongdoing of others. We do this through our cases. We are founding members of the CANHR Elder Justice Advocates™, a group bringing dignity and justice to those who have been neglected and abused. 
Gregory L. Johnson  and Jody C. Moore are regarded as two of  the most successful elder care lawyers in the State of California, and have obtained over $1,000,000 in both settlements and trial verdicts alike. Most notable is the landmark case of Arellano v. Fillmore Convalescent Center, Eduardo Gonzalez, et al. , that resulted in the largest elder abuse verdict ever recorded in Ventura County, and one of the largest in California history.
With talented and experienced civil suit attorneys consulting you, you’re already on the path to success. We will guide you step by step from the beginning of your case through settlement or verdict, keeping you fully informed on the progress of your case. We will work and fight tirelessly to get you the justice and results you deserve.


  • "I was so nervous when I came here, because I had never sought the advice of an attorney before. So, I thought I was going to come to my first meeting and hear a bunch of mumbo jumbo and not understand anything that she was saying. And when I came in here, it was just like talking to a friend, really. The message was: 'I'm going to help you', not 'This is the law.' It felt like somebody was extending a helping hand."

    Jenifer Stolz, granddaughter of Mary Shofner
    Elder Abuse
  • "I was fortunate enough to have retained Mr. Johnson in a case involving elder abuse of my Mother. Mr. Johnson and his staff were tremendous throughout the entire ordeal. I have the utmost respect for him. Justice was served, thanks to Mr. Johnson. I can not thank him enough!"

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  • "Mr. Johnson is extremely professional and very compassionate during a very difficult time. He and his staff went beyond the call of duty for our family and we thank them so very much. We highly recommend him and his firm"

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  • “Gregory managed my case with courteous professionalism. His responses to my inquiries were always timely, along with those of his staff. Greg's careful attention to detail placed us in the best possible position to achieve the eventual positive outcome for the case – he made all the right ‘moves’.” -

    A.V., Oxnard CA
  • There aren't words enough to express my joy and admiration for all your fine efforts your office and staff put forth in this victorious outcome you delivered to me.

    F.D., Ventura, CA
  • As an attorney myself, I recognize the highest quality work in a field when I see it; and the work Mr. Johnson did for our family was the highest quality work.

    Mike Cohen
    Plan Smart Partner
  • “I wanted to thank you for your great work in getting my mothers needs taken care of. I sent my mother to a nursing home to get the care and assistance she needed not neglect and discomfort. I sleep better knowing that another family will not have to deal with the same situation I did.”

    K.T., Thousand Oaks CA
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