California Elder Abuse Blogs

A common obstacle that victims of elder abuse and their families in California face are tactics used by nursing homes and other elder care facilities to cover up evidence of elder abuse that has occurred by their employees and others. This can manifest in a variety of scenarios. Nursing homes might falsify medical records to […]

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elderly person holding their hands

The Star Tribune, Minneapolis’ largest newspaper, released a five-part investigative series in November 2017, entitled “Left to Suffer,” highlighting the difficult plight that senior citizens across Minnesota face, and the widespread prevalence of elder abuse. The well-researched and devastating expose focuses on, among other things, the failure of state and local authorities in Minnesota to […]

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Bed at nursing home with nurse and wheelchair on background.

Nearly 1 in 10 elderly persons experience some form of elder abuse, with millions of cases each. Yet statistics tell us that only 1 in 14 cases of elder abuse are ever reported to authorities. This indicates that many thousands of incidents of elder abuse are occurring across Southern California, but the vast majority of […]

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